Group tops table of 11 UK transport companies in independent ranking on community and environment


Go-Ahead has been recognised as the ‘most admired’ transport company in the UK in terms of community and environmental responsibility according to an influential report.

Britain’s Most Admired Companies (BMAC) studies corporate reputation as judged by competitors and financial influencers.

Board-level representatives, financial analysts and city commentators are asked to rate companies in their sector on a scale of 0 (poor) to 10 (excellent) across 13 key criteria.

Go-Ahead achieved the highest score overall for a bus and rail operator and outperformed its competitors in numerous categories, including quality of management, capacity to innovate and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Notably, Go-Ahead achieved the highest score of all transport companies (including airlines) for ‘Community & Environmental Responsibility’ (7.4) – highlighting the company’s position as a leader in sustainable transport.

Go-Ahead is the largest provider of electric buses in the UK and has a goal to run a zero-emission bus fleet by 2035 – five years ahead of the Government’s target. The company is also a leading operator of electric trains through its Southeastern and Govia Thameslink Railway rail companies.

The group has achieved a 22% absolute reduction in carbon emissions since 2016 – a period in which the company has expanded internationally into Singapore, Ireland, Norway, and Germany.

The company is also looking towards its future and developing a Climate Change Strategy, which is due in Spring 2021.

Go-Ahead also achieved a transport leading score (7) for ‘Effective Corporate Governance’, tied with two airlines but ahead of all its bus and rail competitors.

Unusually in the transport industry, Go-Ahead has a gender-balanced board. Over three decades, the company has grown from a regional bus operator in the north-east to one of the UK’s leading providers of public transport.

Go-Ahead chief executive David Brown said: “We are pleased that our peers have recognised our commitment to social, ethical and environmental responsibilities. Public transport is a big part of the long-term solution for tackling poor air quality and climate change.

“We will continue to ensure that transport not only has a positive impact on the environment but work to address and overcome any negative impact we may have as well – from retrofitting our buses to cleaner emissions to introducing even more electric buses across the UK.”

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