Issue 317 of Passenger Transport is published on July 12.
Contents include:



‘Our motto is simple: move fast and fix things’
The new secretary of state for transport, Louise Haigh, says transport is ‘central to achieving the missions for government that the prime minister has committed us to


Former ministers hail Hendy’s appointment
Huw Merriman, the previous minister of state for rail, hails his successor as ‘mentor’ and says ‘the future of rail looks bright with Peter’s appointment’

Call for long-term approach to planning
New report from London Transport Museum calls for long-term planning in order to transform UK transport networks and promote sustainability

London Northwestern aims for Manchester
Manchester to Euston link would ‘generate return for taxpayer’

Yutong lands big group electric bus orders
Chinese electric bus manufacturer wins orders for 327 buses

London bus figures hint at impact of congestion
Only five operators beat their performance targets in TfL stats

Uncertain future for Aberdeen bus gates
Scottish Government-funded scheme has reduced bus journeys times and boosted use of services – but businesses claim that footfall has been hit

No extra funding for delayed bus franchising
Council tax suggested as source of funding for bus networks


A sector poised for growth
Our sample of public transport professionals expressed optismism about the sector’s future


Repower specialists urge green bus rethink
KleanDrive and Equipmake want conversion incentives


NXWM expands CitySwift partnership
Following strong results from previous years, bus operator is now rolling out performance optimisation platform across entire fleet of 1,400 buses

Transmach’s Supertram deal
Company has been awarded ETM contract by the new operator of South Yorkshire’s trams


Transport’s GOAT is great appointment
In Peter Hendy, we have a minister who understands the public transport sector and the role it can play. Big challenges await him

Jonathan Bray: Ireland challenges car dependency
Instead of continuing with the car-dominated policies of the past, Ireland has boldly prioritised public transport and active travel

Alex Warner: A railway ready for renationalisation?
As the new government begins bringing the railway back under public ownership, it would be wise to look at the history books

Nick Richardson: Improving access to our National Parks
National Parks are blighted by traffic but access by passenger transport has huge potential. Is it time for a rethink of strategy?

Great Minster Grumbles: Hendy is an inspired appointment
Our Whitehall insider imagines what’s going on inside the minds of the mandarins at Great Minster House, home of the DfT


Green light for open access expansion
Andy Comfort reflects on the rise of Hull Trains and Lumo and the future of open access rail under a new Labour government

A twin-lane approach for growth
Regulatory reforms can help change buses long-term but there’s much we can do in the short-term


Hannah Man wins Everywoman award
Go-Ahead manager clinches prestigious Customer Award

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