By James Freeman

At BRTuk we are dedicated to assisting all who are interested in developing the role of the bus. We are a voluntary not-for-profit company whose purpose is to promote buses as a vital means of public transport by acting as an information hub for people from across the industry, including operators, local authorities, consultants and manufacturers, as well as the wider public.

There was a time when our principal means of bringing people together at BRTuk was through our annual conference, but for various reasons that’s not such an easy answer these days. With the support of Atkins, we are therefore ran another round of interesting, educational and entertaining Lunchtime Masterclasses. They took place on Thursdays in May, June and July for just an hour on Zoom. We had a varied programme of seven fascinating speakers combining information about scheme developments with more general topics about the future of UK buses.

You can watch them all now! See below for video links:


Lunchtime Masterclasses – Watch the videos

May 19: Peter Shelley of Portsmouth City Council on Bus Service Improvement Plans. ‘Be careful what you wish for!’ – VIEW HERE.

May 26: Angela Hosford of Transport for West Midlands on Sprint – VIEW HERE.

June 9: Tony Brown of Atkins on ‘Intelligent Bus Priority’ – VIEW HERE.

June 16: Liz Helen Rosenkilda Christensen on ‘Busveien’, 50kms of busway in Stavanger region of Norway – VIEW HERE.

June 23: Thomas Ableman, director of innovation at Transport for London, asks ‘Why Innovation?’ – VIEW HERE.

June 30: Shane Hymers of Kent County Council on Fastrack – VIEW HERE.

July 7: Robert Montgomery of discusses ‘UK Bus: Delivering the promised land – sharing the spend and the spoils.’ – VIEW HERE

We may run another series in October and November 2022. If there are topics you’d like to hear about or if you want to suggest a speaker please contact BRTuk via our website ( Thanks!


BRTuk has members from across the industry, including operators, promoters, manufacturers and consultants. It serves as an information hub and engages with all levels of government. Visit: