Welcome to Beginning the Bus Revolution: Building on the National Bus Strategy for England.


“I love buses, and I have never quite understood why so few governments before mine have felt the same way,” wrote prime minister Boris Johnson in the foreword to the government’s National Bus Strategy for England, Bus Back Better. Johnson went on to describe buses as “lifelines” and “liberators”, before declaring: “As we build back from the pandemic, better buses will be one of our major acts of levelling-up.”

This special one-off publication considers how bus operators, local transport authorities, suppliers and stakeholders are all coming together to achieve the ambitious vision set out in the bus strategy. Local bus services face an uphill battle to win back the passengers they lost during Covid – but there is a shared ambition to achieve this and go beyond, giving buses a much bigger role in the future. We hope you find it an interesting read!

We hope you find it an interesting read!

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