Firm reveal thousands of items lost by bus passengers

Did you leave a novelty animal head on the bus?

The Oxford Bus Company has revealed the unusual items which were left on services by passengers last year.

Among the items left on buses and coaches in 2020 were a pair of Bermuda shorts, a novelty animal head, a Superman onesie and a pumpkin. During the COVID-19 pandemic face masks joined the ranks of the most common items left on vehicles along with mobile phones and umbrellas.

Staff at the Oxford Bus Company customer services department recorded 1,920 lost items in 2020. Passengers reported 1028 items lost and 328 items were returned. The volume of lost items was around two-thirds lower than the previous year due to the reduction in passenger numbers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oxford Bus Company has previously revealed lost items in recent years which have included a light saber, a fireman’s hat, vampire teeth, a Soviet Union hat, a letter detailing some rather explicit sexual fantasies, a Donald Trump toilet roll and a giant tent.

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