Scarborough open top bus season extended as UK holidays boom


The boom in people holidaying in the UK rather than abroad means that bus operator East Yorkshire has extended its Beachcomber open-top service in Scarborough into the autumn.

The popular Beachcomber buses were due to finish for the year on 6 September, but they have been so busy this summer that the operator has decided to continue running.

The Beachcomber, which runs along the seafront between North and South Bays, was suspended during the lockdown, but since returning in July it has carried tens of thousands of passengers.

“Since lockdown lifted people have flocked to Scarborough for day trips and ‘staycations’, and an open-top bus ride along the seafront has been part of making sure they have a great experience when they’re here,” said Ben Gilligan, East Yorkshire’s area director.

“Given that many people have had to holiday close to home this year, we expect Scarborough’s tourism boom to continue into autumn, and we’ll continue running our open-top buses as long as the demand is there. We hope this helps people realise that Scarborough is open for business and has plenty for people to do when they visit.”

The Scarborough Beachcomber will now run along the seafront all day every day until at least 27 September. No advance booking is required, and those wanting to ride can simply hop on at any stop along the seafront and buy a ticket on the bus, with contactless payments available.

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