Stagecoach teams up with @hartyyy

In perhaps a sign of the times, Stagecoach has teamed up with makeup influencer Lucy Hart (@hartyyy on Instagram) to create a video showing how bus passengers can keep their makeup in top shape whilst wearing a face covering.

As more people return to using buses to get to work and for leisure activities such as shopping and eating out and meeting friends, Stagecoach says there’s a conversation building online about how to achieve your best look whilst wearing a face covering, and more importantly without transferring makeup all over it.

To tap into the online debate, Stagecoach has worked with @hartyyy to create a tutorial to show audiences how best to do their makeup so that it stays on while taking your face covering on and off. In the video, Lucy Hart, a Manchester-based influencer and head artist at the Gypsie Shrine, does her makeup and then travels on a Stagecoach bus to Manchester to meet up with a friend.

The video contains hints and tips on how to ensure your foundation and lipstick doesn’t smear over your face covering and stays in tact during a long day of shopping, eating and drinking.

“We know that people will want to look their best though, particularly for that important first selfie in the bar, coffee shop or shop, and with face coverings now becoming part of our normal everyday life, we wanted to give people a helping hand with that,” noted Catherine Acton-Brazier, Stagecoach’s regional director – north.

Wise words.

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