Additional funding to accelerate growth in UK & European markets with creation of 25 jobs

Go-Ahead has rolled out Cityswift’s AI-based bus capacity checker technology across its bus operations in the UK

Transport data and tech firm Cityswift has closed a funding round that has raised €2m for the Galway-based firm. It brings the company’s total funding to date to €3.5m.

The firm believes that dynamic public transport planning and optimising operations through data is set to play the main role in the recovery and new future of public transportation and mobility in cities, and CitySwift’s specialist data engine is set to be at the very foundation of this evolution.

The platform visualises mobility data and creates operational plan and schedule simulations that allows operators to probe the movements of passengers and vehicles, enabling them to choose the best options available and create a superior service for passengers while significantly reducing operating costs.

The technology is being used by an increasing number of operators, including National Express and Go-Ahead. The technology has enabled an agile response to social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions being eased assisting bus companies in planning and reacting to the new normal.

Its latest solution, a passenger-facing bus capacity checker using AI predictions, works like Google Maps but with the added feature that passengers are able to see how busy their bus is going to be up to two weeks in advance of travelling.

It generates dynamic predictions of bus loadings to inform passengers’ journey choices whilst capacities are restricted and as new travel patterns emerge. Passengers can access a colour-coded timetable of bus routes, which shows what buses are likely to be busy or have space, on a stop-by-stop basis. This technology has recently been deployed across Go-Ahead’s entire UK operations via with other bus operators showing interest.

CitySwift’s latest funding will speed up product development and the hiring of 25 new positions, in Ireland and remotely, over the next 12 months. This round was led by Irelandia Investments, Act Venture Capital, Mike McGearty (former CEO of CarTrawler), and other notable Irish transport entrepreneurs. All investors have been involved in both of CitySwift’s funding rounds.

“One thing we’ve come to learn through Covid-19 is just how important data is – whether for businesses trying to operate, governments trying to reopen or individuals trying to understand this pandemic,” said Brian O’Rourke, CitySwift co-founder and CEO.

“This has been even more evident for public transport companies as they monitored the effects of lockdown restrictions on their networks and model and plan for future scenarios as restrictions have begun to ease. The CitySwift platform has been leveraged to enable our clients and their passengers to make informed, data-driven decisions as they navigate the road to recovery in these ever-changing times.”

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