Spanish manufacturer offers operators retrofit virus solution

Transparent passenger and driver screens aim to reduce the risk of infection

Spanish bus and coach manufacturer Irizar has announced it has launched two systems that aim to help UK operators protect passengers and drivers alike from coronavirus. Both systems can be easily installed to vehicles by operators.

Studies have revealed the principal danger of infection on buses and coaches to be the inhalation of airborne droplets and micro-particles.

Working in partnership with air conditioning supplier Hispacold, Irizar now offers and air purifier that can befitted to any coach with an air conditioning system, irrespective of make. The system has a low current draw and is suitable for all PSVs.

The company has also announced it will can now offer operators of Irizar i4, i6, i6S and i8 coach models transparent isolation screens that have been specifically tailored to fit these vehicles.

The eco3 air purifier tackles the risk of virus transmission in two ways – firstly by ionising the air entering the system, using particles and micro-particles to fall from airborne suspension, making them less likely to be inhaled.

Secondly, increased levels of ozone release single atoms of oxygen that have a propensity to bond with microscopic particles like the virus and destroy them by oxidisation.

Irizar says that tests have revealed that coaches fitted with the eco3 system have seen large reductions in airborne levels of pollen, fungal spores, viruses, bacteria and other microbes.

Meanwhile, the transparent passenger and driver screens create a semi-enclosed cab area around the driver and divide each pair of seats from those immediately in front and behind to reduce the risk of infection.

The screens meet all necessary regulations and their transparent design aims to be non-claustrophobic and avoid restricting the view of driver and passengers alike.

Meanwhile, Irizar subsidiary Datik is currently developing a new passenger monitoring solution for operators and authorities alike.

COViDManager equipment can be installed at the entrance of a bus or coach and monitor all passengers before they enter the vehicle, denying entry to those displaying symptoms of the virus.

The system is expected to be available in July. Further details are awaited.

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