New signage reminds bus users to socially distance

Signs have been introduced at 161 bus stops

Transport for London has introduced new measures that aim to remind bus users to socially distance when waiting for their bus.

Special signs, floor stickets and posters have been installed by TfL at 161 bus stops and across London. Posters will also appear on priority bus routes to remind passengers to maintain a two-metre distance from fellow travellers at all times.

It is the latest measure to be rolled out as the capital battles with the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week TfL introduced middle-door only boarding on the vast majority of bus routes in a move that aims to offer better protection for drivers. According to the latest figures from TfL, 23 bus drivers and workers have died from coronavirus in the capital.

Meanwhile, several London boroughs have announced tentative plans to make significant changes to the capital’s streets as the lockdown is eased over the coming months.

Lambeth this week announced it plans to substantially increase pavements widths around Waterloo station and make some local roads access only. Both moves aim to enable additional space for pedestrians to maintain social distancing.

The council has also announced it plans to introduce a number of temporary segregated cycle lanes within the vicinity of St Thomas’ Hospital on the South Bank.

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