Dismay at Department for Transport’s suggestion that electric vehicles with green number plates could get cheap parking and access to bus lanes



Access to bus lanes and cheaper parking could be offered to motorists to encourage uptake of zero emission electric vehicles. This suggestion was put forward by the Department for Transport last month in its consultation on the introduction of green number plates across the UK.

Confederation of Passenger Transport chief executive Graham Vidler said that the bus lane proposal showed “a disconnect with recent initiatives to put bus at the heart of the local transport network and encourage more people to take the bus”.

“This should be the focus rather than seeking to move people from one type of car to another,” he said.

If local authorities allow some cars to use bus infrastructure… we will simply increase congestion for bus passengers

Vidler added: “If local authorities allow some cars to use bus infrastructure… we will simply increase congestion for bus passengers and drive people off the bus and back into cars – the vast majority of which are not electric.

“Green number plates have a role to play in helping consumers choose electric cars. They have no role to play in allowing cars to access bus lanes, a move which would harm, rather than help, the UK’s drive to net zero.”

This article appears in the latest issue of Passenger Transport.

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