Do you have the skill and knowledge to be our quiz champion?

Christmas comes but once a year, but let’s face it – by December 28 we’ve eaten far too much and there’s nothing to do but watch the television and bicker with relatives. So why not distract yourself with the first ever Passenger Transport Diversions Christmas Quiz?

There are no prizes, but if you send your answers by email to by January 5, who knows, you may just end up with the smug satisfaction of knowing you have the finest transport trivia brain in the business!

1) This looks like a London bus stop, but in fact it’s quite a long way beyond the M25. Where is it and why might it be there?
2) Highwayman, Verde and Centro. What’s the connection?

3) This is clearly a dark, cavernous void, but what should be here?
4) What links the Crawley News, Wembley Stadium, Thames Television and Ribble Motor Services?
5) Which South African-born octogenarian has a direct (and visual) connection to both British Rail and the Tyne & Wear Metro?

6) There can’t be many bus depots bisected by a motorway – can you name this one and the operator?
7) London King’s Cross famously has a Platform 0, but where else could you, can you or will you soon be able to find one in the UK?
8) Where in the British Isles can you find the highest rail-connected station?
9) FirstGroup withdrew its Wrightbus Streetcar trambus vehicles (better known as Ftrs) from mainstream service a couple of years ago. But where in the world can you still take a trip on a Streetcar?

10) This is part of an early attempt at a company logo – but whose?
11) Complete the sequence of these codes: 2011: DXB; 2013: GVA; 2015: LIN; 2017: YUL. What might the code be in 2019 (be careful here!) and why would you be there?

12) Plaxton built this Bedford coach as a campervan for a British businessman and his family in 1972. His son now has an industry connection – who is he?
13) What company links Blackpool, Hendon and Loughborough?

14) Something very unusual is going on here – what is it and what caused it to happen?
15) ScotRail serves every single railway station in Scotland with the exception of one – can you name the station? For another point, can you tell us what’s so unique about this arrangement?
16) Speaking of stations, which Greater Manchester station was once served by the Docklands Light Railway (sort of) in a previous life?