Transdev Blazefield is expanding its VAMOOZ crowd-sources buses brand to the south with a launch of a new licensing deal with Reading Buses


Alex Hornby and Martijn Gilbert alongside the first VAMOOZ-branded vehicle for the Reading Buses fleet


Transdev Blazefield has announced an expansion of VAMOOZ, its crowd-sourced bus service brand, with a deal to expand the operation to the south east of England in partnership with council-owned bus operator Reading Buses.

VAMOOZ was launched in Lancashire and Yorkshire in May with the first trips being three sold-out buses to the One Love Manchester concert. Since then Transdev Blazefield says VAMOOZ has become a success with high demand and expansion into school and leisure markets.Now the concept is heading south in a new partnership deal with Reading Buses.

“We’re delighted to have been able to reach a deal with a leading company like Reading Buses to use the VAMOOZ app and technology to run their own trips in the South, much as we do so successfully in the North,” said Alex Hornby, chief executive of Transdev Blazefield.

“This deal demonstrates what is possible when two like-minded innovative public transport companies work together. We are bringing the benefits of an amazing idea to make effective use of bus fleets and offering more travel opportunities for people up and down the country.

The idea behind VAMOOZ is entirely new in the UK bus industry

“The idea behind VAMOOZ is entirely new in the UK bus industry, and we’re sure the people of Reading and beyond will love it every bit as much as those in Yorkshire and Lancashire already do.

“We look forward to creating further similar partnerships with other operators in the future.”

The deal will see Reading Buses licensing the VAMOOZ brand, and the technology that supports it, from Transdev Blazefield. Martijn Gilbert, chief executive of Reading Buses, said the deal was a positive breakthrough for public transport in Berkshire.

He continued: “This groundbreaking solution will be great for our customers and brings a new dimension to affordable and green travel beyond our traditional local bus network leading to many more journeys and potentially even paving the way for new services.

“The app-based and crowdsourced nature of VAMOOZ is also a great fit with our technology and innovation agenda here at Reading Buses and the opportunity to collaborate with Transdev Blazefield, another of the UK’s pioneering passenger transport providers, heralds a great step forward in the evolution of the future of the UK bus sector.”

Meanwhile, in Lancashire and Yorkshire VAMOOZ continues to grow with trips to a variety of destinations now available through the app. These include traditional day trips as well as links to special events, including a number of summer music festivals.

“That’s one of the most exciting things about VAMOOZ – it gives everyone the ability to go where they choose, when they choose,” said Rebecca Reeve-Burnett, Transdev Blazefield’s VAMOOZ manager. “The customer feedback we’ve had from our VAMOOZ trips so far has been fantastic, and I’m certain the concept will prove every bit as popular in Berkshire. It truly is a first for public transport in the UK and we’re excited to see it being taken forward by Reading Buses.”

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