Rail Delivery Group wants multi-million-pound ‘Britain Runs on Rail’ campaign to trigger a public debate about issues the industry must tackle


britain_runs_on_railsA ‘Britain Runs on Rail’ highlights investment by the industry


Rail Delivery Group chief executive Paul Plummer has called for an “open and honest conversation” about the future challenges facing Britain’s railway.

His plea accompanied the launch of RDG’s new multi- million-pound ‘Britain Runs on Rail’ campaign to raise awareness of the industry’s £50bn Railway Upgrade Plan, and why it is needed. Plummer wants the campaign, developed by M&C Saatchi, to prompt a public debate about a range of issues the industry must tackle, all of which involve multiple parties and complex trade-offs, such as:

  • How to balance taxpayer and passenger funding of the railway; How to reform fares regulation;
  • How to modernise the railway to deliver the service passengers expect in the digital age, including introducing new forms of ‘ticket’;
  • Where to focus investment to increase rail capacity;
  • How to improve the structures of the industry.

“It’s time we had an open and honest conversation with the wider public … about the tough choices government, the industry and the country faces if we are going to deliver the railway Britain needs and passengers want,” said Plummer.

“But to have that debate, we need people to think about the railway in a way they aren’t used to – to consider what it does for them and for the country. The industry needs to talk directly to people … and stop giving the stage over to others, whether governments, pressure groups or the media.”


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