Train operators’ opinion of Network Rail has fallen sharply in its latest customer survey, with less than half saying they are satisfied with the company



A huge fall in train operators’ satisfaction with Network Rail has been set out in the company’s latest annual customer survey.

The survey, carried out in autumn 2014, shows that only 40% of the senior staff from passenger and freight train operators were satisfied with Network Rail’s overall performance during the year, down from 58% in 2013 and 66% in 2012. It is the lowest score since 2008.

Across the 10 Network Rail routes, the results paint a picture of an organisation that has formed reasonably successful working relationships with operators but is regarded as overstretched and lacking in some key competencies.

Areas where Network Rail received the highest satisfaction rating from operators were in its willingness to work collaboratively (56%) and openness and engagement (50%).

Satisfaction was lowest for areas including Network Rail delivering its plans (22%), learning lessons (23%) and being customer driven (26%). In terms of day-to-day operation of the railway, less than half the managers surveyed were satisfied with Network Rail’s performance in any category. Only 25% were satisfied with maintenance and renewals and 28% with infrastructure enhancement.

More than half (55%) view working with Network Rail as more difficult than with other organisations and only 17% view it as easier.

Only 15% of the managers surveyed said they speak highly of Network Rail.


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