30 mayors from around the world invited to attend UITP World Congress



UITP secretary general Alain Flausch met with the mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, last week to announce a joint initiative to invite 30 mayors from some of the world’s largest cities to attend the upcoming UITP World Congress & Exhibition in Milan.

Reflecting the focus on cities during the World Congress, the mayors will be invited to participate in a roundtable session on June 9 where they will discuss and debate their experience in aligning mobility with wider urban development policies. These reflections will feed into the development of a European and a global ‘Urban Agenda,’ the latter of which is to be agreed next year at the Habitat III Conference.

The mayors will also be invited to participate in a dedicated programme of events on-site, including interviews with the press and personal visits of the Exhibition, culminating in the afternoon Plenary Session, ‘Public transport sector strategy towards 2025: where are we now?’ Here they will have the opportunity to debate with public transport executives on the policies that are blazing a trail in terms of meeting the objective to double public transport’s market share by 2025.

During the meeting with Pisapia to discuss the mayors’ involvement, Flausch said: “Milan has several assets and strengths to welcome the world of public transport.”

Flausch expanded on the natural alliance between sustainable mobility and mayors by adding: “Public transport implies a strong collaboration between politicians and operators.”

The mayor of Milan concluded the meeting by confirming his participation at the Opening of the World Congress & Exhibition on June 8 as well as his availability to welcome the UN high-level Advisory Group on sustainable transport (of which UITP is a member), which will meet in Milan on June 11.

Far from a one-off occasion, the invitation of the mayors to Milan is the first step in a process of engaging with mayors from around the world on a regular and closer basis.


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