A new app launched by Merseyrail offers more personalised features than similar platforms and aims to prove especially useful during disruption


The app’s Your Train feature gives the location of a user’s train with expected arrival times


Up-to-the-minute information on how services are running, live departure times, as well as customised travel alerts and details on getting to stations are just some of the characteristics of the new Merseyrail app, officially launched this month.

Boasting more personalised features than most similar platforms available, it is designed to enhance the passenger experience and is customer-friendly, intuitive and visually appealing. It is also designed to prove especially useful when services are disrupted.

The app has already been downloaded by almost 10,000 people and there are around 100 new users per day. Soft-launched in the autumn, Merseyrail expects figures to continue rising once promotion begins.

Automatically updated rainbow boards indicate how services are progressing and the Your Train feature gives the location of a user’s train with expected arrival times. This allows users to share information about their train by text message, email or on Twitter, which is especially handy for anyone who is being met by someone at the end of their trip, enabling them to track their journey and find out if there are delays or cancellations.

Real-time updates from any chosen station can be found in the Departures section and there is a journey planner to check train times for future trips. An interactive network map, highlighting each station on the Merseyrail network, provides directions on walking and driving from the user’s location.

In Alerts, users can arrange to be notified about certain routes and train cancellations  ideal for commuters who only require very specific information related to their journey to and from work at particular times of the day.

In line with Merseyrail’s commitment to the door-to-door journey, which is about improving people’s overall trip, not just the rail component of it, a page dedicated to each station on the network is available. These pages list the facilities at each station, such as Bike & Go facilities and bike shelters, identifying nearby destinations and what you can do there. Local bus timetables can also be accessed.

And if anyone has a problem regarding Merseyrail services, they can contact the operator’s customer relations team through the app, sending a photo if they wish.

For users who do not have an internet connection, timetable details are displayed on the app, and it is stated clearly whether the times showing are live or scheduled.

Kaj Mook, customer services director at Merseyrail, said: “The new app is fantastic for both regular and infrequent users of our services, and I strongly believe that the up-to-the-minute, tailored information it provides will further improve the passenger experience.”

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for android devices.


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