2014 is a momentous year for passenger transport specialists The TAS Partnership Limited – with September marking 25 years since its founding by the late Peter Huntley.

In those 25 years, TAS has made a powerful and unparalleled contribution to the advancement of passenger transport in the UK, from the development and creation of government policy to pioneering Community Transport initiatives and transforming bus networks and fares structures.

TAS provides insight into what stimulates the bus industry, contributes at every opportunity it gets, and continues to hold a stake in the industry’s future. “Pretty much everybody who is anybody in the industry has come across TAS one way or another, because of the spread of our activities, the opportunities that we have taken to assist progress and the influence that our reports and publications continue to exert,” says TAS managing director, Adrian Grant.

This supplement commemorates the achievements of TAS, reflects on current endeavours and looks towards TAS’ future as the leading independent voice in the industry.