Rail Delivery Group is working on post-privatisation railway’s first national advertising campaign, focusing on growth, future ambitions and wider role



The Rail Delivery Group has started drawing up plans for the first national campaign to promote the rail industry since privatisation.

Current thinking is that the multi-media advertising and promotion will focus on the revival of rail travel which has
seen passenger numbers double over the past 20 years, the industry’s ambitions to improve services, and the importance of the railway to the country as a whole, not just rail users.

“The proposal is to develop and launch a major and sustained campaign targeting specific audiences including our customers, lineside neighbours and the wider public to demonstrate how the railway benefits Britain,” Richard Flindell, the RDG’s senior communications manager, said.

A key part of the campaign would highlight major improvements over the next five years to increase the capacity of the network, modernise stations, electrify lines and introduce new technology. It would highlight the benefits for commuters, business passengers and leisure travellers, and explain how the improvements will be funded by fares and the government.

The campaign would also focus on attracting people who do not currently travel by train and explain how the railway supports the country’s economic growth.

The RDG anticipates that it would be the most significant national rail promotional activity since the 1980s. Advertising agencies have been invited to submit expressions of interest to assist the RDG in developing and implementing a campaign which would start next year and continue for at least three years.


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