Scottish referendum has let the devolution genie out of the bottle, and the implications will be huge



The passenger transport sector is wrestling with the broad implications of this week’s Scottish independence referendum.

As Passenger Transport went to press the result of the ballot was not yet known, but whether or not Scots have voted for ‘devo-max’ or ‘independence-min’ one thing seems increasingly clear – devolution is the winner, in Scotland (in the form of new powers or independence) and in the rest of the United Kingdom.

The implications for transport are huge, but the road ahead is not clear. There appears to be a growing appetite for devolution in England, but what form will it take? Will England receive its own parliament or will new regional assemblies be created?

Representing England’s city regions outside of London, PTEG Support Unit director, Jonathan Bray, is enthusiastic about the prospect of further devolution.

“It works. You can see it with your own eyes,” he told Passenger Transport this week. “You can see it in London. You can see it in Scotland. You can see it in Merseyside. It delivers good outcomes.”


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