Corethree has integrated the new Barclays Pingit ‘mobile checkout’ into its m-ticketing solution – and the facility is already being used on buses in Bath

When it was launched in February 2012, Barclays Pingit was initially only available for use by Barclays current account holders over the age of 18 for the sending and receiving of payments via an app on their smartphones. Since then the scope of this money transfer system has extended hugely, and it’s now being used by students in Bath to pay for bus travel.

Barclays Pingit is now available to all UK current account holders and the age limit has dropped to 16. Meanwhile, this month has seen Barclays add the ability to use the popular app to buy products on smartphones. One of those products is bus travel – thanks to a partnership between the bank and m-commerce experts Corethree.

The volume of purchases made online has grown rapidly, but few people use their mobiles to make purchases. Barclays claims that this is because mobile shoppers are deterred by the need to enter their credit card number and other personal details, and perhaps even register – which is relatively difficult to do on a smartphone. Market research has shown that two thirds of mobile shoppers give up on purchases after reaching the ‘checkout’ screen.

In contrast, Pingit’s new ‘mobile check-out’ connects to a user’s bank account and only requires users to input a five-digit code to approve a payment.

Corethree has worked with Barclays to incorporate Pingit’s ‘mobile check-out’ in its mobile wallet for transport ticketing – and it is the first UK company to achieve this integration. And on September 23, this new facility was launched on Wessex Bus’s Uniconnect network in Bath.

Wessex Bus operates three Uniconnect services, centred on the Unversity of Bath. The Rotala-owned operator introduced the new Corethree m-ticketing system, which incorporates the option to pay with Barclays Pingit, as part of the university’s freshers’ week.

Over the next 12 months, this system will also be introduced across other Rotala Group subsidiaries across the country, as well as at Transdev Blazefield and two other major urban operators.

Corethree’s m-ticketing service is available via iPhone and Android devices on any mobile network, allowing bus passengers to browse, select, purchase and use bus tickets all from the convenience of their own mobile device. Meanwhile, the partnership with Barclays Pingit provides faster payment processing across the board and Corethree says that it can reduce the fees incurred by operating companies.

“Deployments of Corethree’s mobile ticketing solutions have grown significantly in 2013 and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Barclays,” said Corethree’s CEO, Ashley Murdoch. “Passengers will now have even greater choice when seeking to pay for their bus tickets using our ubiquitous m-commerce platform.”

Mike Walters, head of UK corporate payments at Barclays commented: “With increasing numbers of consumers using smart phones while they’re on the move, it’s never been more important to have a seamless payment process that is completely optimised for the m-commerce environment. Barclays Pingit ‘mobile checkout’ offers this, and by integrating with Corethree’s m-ticketing platform, we can ensure that consumers have the ease and convenience they want at their fingertips.”



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