Bus operators are now countering calls for buses to be regulated in England, Scotland and Wales, with the party conferences expected to fuel the debate

The debate over the regulation of local bus services has reached its most intense level in years, with the industry now countering  calls for bus franchising in England, Scotland and Wales.

Wales’ second city, Swansea, has become the latest authority to consider the use of Quality Contracts to seize back control of local bus services from local bus operators, following in the footsteps of West Yorkshire and Tyne & Wear in England.

Meanwhile, this week saw Scotland’s shadow transport minister, Iain Gray, present his plans for a private member’s bill on bus regulation at CPT Scotland’s annual conference in Crieff. The consultation on his bill closes on October 11.

With calls to bring local bus services back under public control intensifying, chief executives of two of the UK’s major passenger transport groups have entered the debate. FirstGroup’s Tim O’Toole told the CPT Scotland conference that regulation would ultimately deprive the bus industry of capital. Meanwhile, Go-Ahead Group’s David Brown urged Nexus, the Tyne & Wear PTE, to focus on its day job, instead of seeking new powers over bus services.

The debate is expected to intensify even further later this month during the Labour party conference in Brighton. Shadow transport secretary Maria Eagle and her team are expected to publish the outcome of their policy review on buses, which includes plans to enable “deregulation exception zones”
to be established in England.


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