Luton Dunstable Busway to open next month

Luton Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council have announced that bus services on the Luton Dunstable Busway are expected to commence on September 25, five months later than originally planned.

Three operators – Arriva, Centrebus and Grant Palmer – will operate four new routes that together provide core services between Dunstable and Luton up to every seven minutes at peak times. Jounreys times between the two town centres will be just 15 minutes.

“After 20 years in the planning and three years in construction, it’s incredibly exciting to be announcing the opening date of the Luton Dunstable Busway,” said Dave Taylor, Luton Borough Council’s portfolio holder for environment.

“People in Luton, Dunstable and Houghton Regis have been waiting a long time for a significant improvement to the public transport network. These journey times are not only extremely fast, in some cases more than twice as quick, but also frequent and reliable, and therefore offer a high quality and real alternative to the frustrating traffic queues we all know.”

The core busway route comprises 6.1 miles of segregated bus-only road between Blackburn Road in Houghton Regis, through Dunstable and into Luton town centre.

​Within this, a 4.8-mile section of concrete guideway has been built along the disused Luton-Dunstable railway corridor where buses will be able to reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

The overall budget for the project is £90.0m, with “overall out-turn costs” expected to be £90.6m, an overspend of 0.5%.


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