Social media has presented the passenger transport sector with a conundrum. It presents an exciting new opportunity to develop relationships with existing and potential customers, and provide travellers with useful information whilst they are on the move. However, with multiple channels and millions of customers to engage with, it also presents a considerable challenge in terms of resourcing.

This supplement examines best practice in the sphere of social media from a range of organisations. The Social Brands 100 (see pages 4-5) has shown us who is leading the way, and some of these leaders are featured in this publication. They range from National Rail Enquiries (pages 6-7), with its national remit, to local bus company Cardiff Bus (page 12). There is also helpful advice from Passenger Focus about what passengers want (pages 14-15).

One thing is clear – social media is not a passing fad. What we have seen so far is just the beginning of a phenomenon that will soon shape our world. Passenger Transport will return to this subject soon, so let us know how your organisation is responding to this change.

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