Mobile Onboard has continued to develop its services and believes it has one of the most innovative and flexible passenger WiFi systems available

Passenger WiFi provider Mobile Onboard has noticed a recent surge in enquiries and sales from public transport, coach and tour operators wanting to give free WiFi access to their passengers. Whilst this may seem like an unnecessary luxury in terms of running a bus service, it can actually be a great tool for increasing passenger numbers and satisfaction by making their journeys more enjoyable, given that the mobile generation is literally glued to their phones and tablets nowadays.

In the UK, unlimited data plans are still not commonplace, so if a passenger can use someone else’s Internet connection at no cost to themselves, then that’s appealing. For tablet users, this is even more appealing, since most tablet devices and iPads are still WiFi-only with no 3G connection.

For coach operators, especially those which operate tours for foreign visitors, offering on-board WiFi is now a must, since tourists still want to be connected when away from home, but the cost to them for roaming abroad on the mobile Internet can be very expensive. Offering them free connectivity is a much welcome value-added service.

By comparison with similar systems, Mobile Onboard’s BeamTM WiFi units are more than just internet gateways; they also include an on-board Web server with a generous amount of storage, which connects users to an operator-branded landing page before they start surfing the wider Web. This landing page is always available whether or not there is a mobile signal available to the bus. This gives the operator an ideal opportunity to engage with the passenger, either via information pages, entertainment features or targeted advertising.

As the user is connected to the local landing page using a fast WiFi connection, it’s a perfect platform to offer content such as bespoke video destination guides, audio tours and podcasts, which can even be sponsored to generate additional revenue.

In addition, by connecting buses to the mobile data network, this opens up other opportunities for making buses smarter, such as receiving real-time travel information, and allowing ticket machines to send and receive data wherever they are.

Mobile Onboard operates its own data network in the UK as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), running on the back of the UK’s best 3G network. This means they can offer compelling and all-inclusive data packages with their own SIM cards installed within the units – and in fact, every unit comes with an unlimited 3G data package in the UK as part of the low monthly management fee. They are also creating partnerships in Europe to offer similar packages in key European countries – although an extensive roaming package is already available.

Their standard units are self-contained, compact and robust and can be installed into the vehicle within ten minutes, and without the need for external antennas in most cases. Their larger units can support multiple SIM cards and contain multiple networks which can be used to send and receive other data securely and separately from the passenger’s network. All of their systems are pre- configured before shipping and so just work as soon as they are installed and switched on. When configuration changes are required, this can be done remotely by their network operations team.

Smarta 100 Award winner, Mobile Onboard, proudly designs and builds its products right here in the UK, and has recently supplied its WiFi system into several operators in Hampshire following a successful bid by Transport for South Hampshire to the Department for Transport’s Better Bus Area Fund.

One of the operators using Mobile Onboard’s technology, and speaking on behalf of the South Hampshire Bus Operators Association, the managing director of Black Velvet Travel Ltd, Phil Stockley, commented: “This region benefits from a strong culture of partnership between bus operators and local authorities. Free WiFi on-board is just the first of many examples of how the open-minded exchange
of ideas, inspiration and innovation is bringing real benefits for bus passengers in the area.”

Mobile Onboard has continued to develop its services and believes it now has one of the most innovative and flexible passenger WiFi systems available, which focuses on the needs of the passenger, and provides simplicity for the operator by managing every aspect of the service.

You can find Mobile Onboard showcasing their BeamTM WiFi products at Euro Bus Expo 2012 – stand 5/T158 – where they will also be offering a free WiFi hotspot using Beam TM.

About Mobile Onboard:
Mobile Onboard provides simple and cost-effective products which are designed to make passenger journeys more enjoyable. My Mobile Tickets is a leading mobile and online ticketing product requiring no capital investment and our BeamTM WiFi boxes can be fitted in just 10 minutes giving your passengers free unlimited Internet access.

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