Kent-based Cyclepods is supplying train operating companies with bike storage solutions made from sustainable materials

There has been considerable investment in cycle storage facilities at railway stations in recent years as local authorities and train operating companies encourage passengers to leave their cars at home and use more sustainable methods of travel.

Cyclepods is one of the UK’s leading providers of bike storage solutions. The Kent-based firm has developed a range of designs which are stylish, space-saving, flexible and highly secure.

Its products have a number of advantages over traditional bike racks. They take up 30-50% less space. For example, the firm’s umbrella-shaped ‘Cyclepod’ design can store eight bikes vertically in a two-metre diameter.

The solutions are more secure too, because they are designed so that locks cannot be manoeuvred to the ground. The ‘Streetpod’ design has the ability to secure the bike frame and both wheels with a single lock.

And as “green” (eco) procurement is becoming more popular, the entire range is manufactured from sustainable materials – either 90-100% recycled (and recyclable) aluminium, and 100% recycled (and recyclable) MDPE plastic – and Cyclepods is certified as a Carbon Neutral company.

Cyclepods has supplied bike storage solutions for East Midlands Trains, Network Rail, Northern Rail and Southern Rail.

Stagecoach-owned East Midlands Trains has used the Streetpods and Cyclepods storage solutions to create over 300 extra secure cycle spaces at stations across its network. Commenting last year, David Horne, who was then EMT’s commercial and customer service director (he is now the company’s MD), said: “Not all commuters are able to cycle directly to work, but many might be able to travel part of the way by bike. We believe by providing an additional 200 highly secure cycling spaces, we will encourage more people to cut down on their reliance on cars and consider alternative methods of transport when travelling to and from our stations.”

The Streetpod is the only public realm cycle parking system that is approved by Secured By Design, the national police initiative to design out crime. Not only did it stand up to sustained attacks with hand tools but with just one lock the whole bike is secure. The Streetpod also prevents overcrowding and keeps the bike upright to avoid damage to wheels and frame. British Transport Police were also impressed by the ability to wash off graffiti with just a kitchen sponge and washing up liquid and its fire resistant qualities.

Elsewhere, Cyclepods has supplied Southern with its ‘EasyLift+’ two-tier cycle parking system, providing the Govia-owned company with 298 extra bike spaces at four stations. The two levels mean that the parking capacity is doubled and its gas-powered assisted lifting system ensures that a bicycle can be parked on the top level effortlessly.

Even with a heavy bike on it, the upper arm descends slowly and safely all the way down to the ground, unlike existing two-tier systems which require the cyclist to lift their bike by anything between 30cm and one metre to load their bike onto the upper arm.


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