Fuel saving additive Envirox will offset impact of rocketing diesel prices and BSOG reduction.

The price of diesel has hit a record high of more than 143p this month, having rocketed by 10p per litre over the past year – an inflation-busting 7% rise. Meanwhile, BSOG (Bus Service Operators’ Grant), the fuel tax rebate for bus companies, is being slashed on April 1, 2012 (see table).

This double whammy is forcing bus companies to take further steps to maximise fuel efficiency.

Hull-based EYMS has decided to use Energenics’ fuel saving additive Envirox across its operations in East and North Yorkshire following a successful 12-month trial at the company’s Driffield depot. This is the latest in a series of measures to reduce fuel consumption in its fleet of 300 buses and coaches, which consume about six million litres of diesel each year.

Previous measures include a programme of specialised driver training for safe and fuel efficient driving and the introduction of the GreenRoad on-bus telematics system, which features a “traffic light” signal in the cab to indicate to the driver how efficiently the bus is being driven. The diesel fuel storage tank in each of the company’s depots will now be fitted with dosing equipment, which injects Envirox into the diesel fuel flow on delivery from the road tanker.

The trial at Driffield depot started in July 2010 on a mixed fleet and studied the effect of Envirox and the GreenRoad system both separately and in combination. The results clearly showed that each measure provided a worthwhile improvement in fuel consumption on their own and the combination provided a double benefit.

“In the present very difficult financial climate, we need to save money wherever we can and fuel is now such a big proportion of our total costs that this is a high priority area for us,” commented EYMS chairman Peter Shipp.

“Based on the successful trial we are confident Envirox will deliver a considerable fuel saving. However this will only make a moderate dent in the extra £500,000 more we shall pay for diesel per year after the 20% reduction in BSOG from April 1.”

Based on an oxidation catalyst widely used in catalytic converters, Envirox ensures a cleaner burn within the combustion chamber, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Mike Attfield, CEO of Energenics Europe, said: “The Driffield trial was well managed and was a first in confirming our belief that Envirox adds further savings to those achieved by telematics based driver information systems.”

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