Before last year’s general election, Tories and Lib Dems clashed over bus policy. Once united in the coalition government, they put the issue to one side while the Competition Commission concluded its market inquiry into local bus services. Now that this inquiry
is drawing to a close, can buses minister Norman Baker and his Tory colleagues agree on a way forward?

Ministers in this government and the last have opted out of discussions about bus policy for the past 18 months while they await for the outcome of the Competition Commission’s enquiry into the market for local bus services. However, as the commission’s inquiry draws to a close, the pressure is building from those who would like to see radical changes in the way bus services are run in this country.

PTEG wants to see regulation of buses outside London – a policy that transport minister Norman Baker supported before last year’s general election. His Tory colleagues in the coalition oppose regulation. Can they reconcile their differences and agree a way forward in their forthcoming a review of bus policy?

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