A new technology platform from Trapeze Group aims to simplify bus service data management and reduce associated costs.

July saw international technology firm Trapeze Group launch a new software platform that is designed to bring together several aspects of network management for the local authority and bus operator markets.

NOVUS is an integrated suite of modules for the management of multi-modal transport services. Trapeze believes that a key strength of the platform is that it provides support for organisational processes, such as the review and authorisation of service changes amongst other tasks, to be managed efficiently and effectively from within a single environment.

NOVUS-FX provides the ability to manage functions such as the registration and timetabling of local bus services both through the EBSR (Electronic Bus Service Registration) system and conventional paper registrations plus TransXchange, the UK nationwide standard for exchanging bus schedules and related data.

Meanwhile, the real-time tool, NOVUS-RT, one of several modules included as part of the NOVUS suite of products, uses common data from NOVUS-FX to interface using SIRI (Service Interface for Real Time Information), an XML protocol that allows distributed computers to exchange real-time information about public transport services and vehicles.

For bus stop management functions, NOVUS-BSM supports the NaPTAN (the National Public Transport Access Node) database which uniquely identifies access points for public transport across the UK. NOVUS-INFOP tools allow the efficient production of roadside timetables and publicity, both in traditional hard copy leaflet form as well as in a suitable format for publishing on the web.

Within the demand responsive transport field, NOVUS-DR allows operators to efficiently and effectively manage their operations with automated scheduling built-in. With an eye to the future, NOVUS-LTS offers a complete live travel suite suitable for smartphones that brings together multiple data feeds in a configurable, intuitive and easy to use app that is branded to the client’s needs.

Trapeze also believes that NOVUS-FX has to ability to create significant efficiencies. Time spent by operator and local authority staff handling bus service registrations can be reduced, removing opportunities for errors, and consistency of data for downstream applications such as timetable publishing, means that real cost savings can be achieved.

Access to the NOVUS products can be via a hosted solution using standard web-based browser, meaning that the platform is ideal for use in remote offices, for home-working and anywhere there is an internet connection present. This means that external users, such as a small independent bus operator, can enter their data directly into the system without the need for sophisticated IT infrastructure or overheads. The sophisticated security model ensures that users can only see and enter data that is appropriate to them. Alternatively, NOVUS modules can be supplied as a more traditional licensed version.

Commenting on the new platform, Peter Bell, Trapeze Group’s managing director for its UK operations, said: “We have been working with the industry and local authorities in the UK for 10 years to bring together a set of tools which provide tight integration of transport data using UK standards on a web-based platform. NOVUS-FX and the other products in the suite change the way the industry can manage transport.”

To celebrate the launch of the new product, Trapeze is hosting an event on September 29, at the London Transport Museum showcasing NOVUS-FX in action. For further details and to book attendance at the special event, email info@trapezegroup.co.uk or call Karen Wheatley on 0161 927 3696.

For more information about Trapeze Group, visit www.trapezegroup.co.uk

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