There’s no hiding place for public transport providers when things go wrong, but the level of public exposure is set to increase even further. A new generation of technology promises to put passengers in the information driving seat, exposing the good, the bad and the ugly about passenger transport services.

This month has seen the launch of – a new website and mobile service that aims to make it easier for the public to report complaints about transport services, and get things put right. This new tool, launched by not-for-profit technology group mySociety – lets public transport users report problems to the correct operator or authority. All reports and responses are posted online so that other people can support, respond and give advice.

Meanwhile, this October will see the launch of Mynet, a mobile smartphone application which aims to connect people, share information and improve the experience of everyday rail travel through a new sense of community (a short film about Mynet can be viewed on our website). Your train operator might be unable to tell you why the train you are waiting for is late, but a passenger who is already on board, with Mynet at their fingertips, will be able to.

This liberation of information for the masses will present challenges for passenger transport operators. But those that embrace this phenomenon may also get to reap the benefits.

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