More than 20 individual changes to the software to enable operators to rapidly update their publicity


Tech specialist Omnibus has updated its bus stop and station information display software package to make it easier to use as a result of feedback from customers.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many bus operators have been making frequent changes to their networks, often with fewer staff to manage services. Omnibus says it is more important than ever for operators to communicate service changes quickly, easily and efficiently without taking up too many office hours, so it has made a number of changes to OmniSTOPdesign.

Another update is the ability to power information screens with live departure data. This means that live video displays, such as those at bus stations, can also receive continuously updated real time departure information to display alongside video adverts within the OmniSTOPdesign template.

The software gives operators and local authorities freedom to create bespoke displays themselves. Omnibus says this makes creating bus stop displays easier, faster and much more flexible. Users have total control over styles, fonts, graphics, colours and paper size, giving them the opportunity to fully incorporate any relevant branding and graphics.

Displays can be set in advance, so that new data can be imported whenever it is needed. The design can be specified right down to individual bus stop level so every display can be tailored.

“Informing passengers of changes to services in a clear and concise way is vitally important right now,” said Peter Crichton, Omnibus managing director. “The increased need for publicity, along with the ever-changing situation, means that having the ability to make those changes inhouse, quickly and easily, is a huge benefit.”

The team of Omnibus developers has worked hard to incorporate more than twenty individual changes to the software to enable operators to continue to update their publicity as things change over the coming weeks and months.

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