New system combines all ticketing operations into single platform


Trenitalia UK has launched a new mobile app for c2c passengers, completing the roll-out of the Pico4UK ticketing system at the Essex train operator.

The new app allows passengers to buy tickets and manage their account from their own devices, and will also include the functionality to upload purchased tickets directly to their Smartcard in the coming months.

This completes the introduction of the UK’s first integrated single retailing platform, combining previously separate retail systems for ticket offices, ticket vending machines and online purchases into a single platform. This provides a single customer record across all platforms, allowing both c2c customers and staff to review and manage ticket purchases from any device, irrespective of the original channel used by the customer to buy their ticket.

Smart ticketing is available across every sales channel for the most popular c2c products. This is particularly important as c2c and other rail operators are driving customers towards digital tickets as the industry’s preferred approach, as part of the strategy for recovery from the impact of Coronavirus.

Ernesto Sicilia, Trenitalia UK managing director, said: “This is an important milestone in Trenitalia’s plans for the UK rail industry and the digitalisation of our services for customers.

“Since PICO4UK was first introduced, it has sold nearly five million tickets in the UK and taken around £130m in revenue across all platforms. We can offer the UK market a full range of solutions for ticketing, from an integrated whole-system platform like on c2c, to cherry-picking individual channels as required.”

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