• Magazine returns on October 2
  • Subscribers will see their subscriptions extended accordingly
  • We want to hear from you!

We are delighted to confirm that Passenger Transport will return to print early next month!

The 230th edition of our magazine was scheduled to appear on April 3, but amid the emerging coronavirus crisis we took the decision to temporarily suspend publication of the magazine. This was not an easy decision to make, but it was the right one. The magazine is now in a healthy position to continue providing its service as the recovery progresses.

We wish to thank our subscribers for their patience during this difficult period, as well as the many people who sent us supportive messages. It’s now time for us to start repaying this support. Issue 230 will be published on October 2 and we will then resume our fortnightly publication schedule.

As many of you will know, our dedicated team is passionate about the passenger transport sector. We are buzzing at the prospect of hunting around for the stories you want to read and putting a magazine to press again.

Over the past six months we have been posting updates on our website (passengertransport.co.uk) and on social media on a purely voluntary basis in our own time. We have observed a sector that has risen to an unprecedented challenge.

We wish to pay tribute to the valiant efforts of front line staff, managers and supplier partners in the transport sector during this crisis, and offer our condolences to those who tragically lost friends and colleagues. Your hard work, dedication and ingenuity has won the respect of the nation. We intend to document your achievements and help you to make your way along the uncertain road ahead.

We believe as firmly as ever that the passenger transport sector has a very positive future ahead of it. There is now greater recognition of the vital role that passenger transport plays in providing access to work, leisure and education opportunities. Much has changed, but passenger transport still remains the answer to so many of the challenges we face – such as clean air, congestion and, not least, climate change.

We are very proud of what Passenger Transport has achieved. Next year will be our tenth year and we are conscious that we would not have got here without the backing of our loyal subscribers. As we said in March, you will still receive the service you have paid for.

We haven’t increased our subscription prices once in the last decade, but it’s important to emphasise that printing and distributing thousands of copies of the magazine each year is our single biggest cost. Our subscriptions revenue only covers so much of that and, when you add in the cost of commissioning and creating content, advertising will play a significant role in getting us through the ‘New Normal’ of the immediate post-pandemic era. So if you are in charge of marketing or recruitment advertising spending – don’t forget us!

We can’t wait to hear from you. Please call us on 020 3950 8000 and email us at editorial@ passengertransport.co.uk with your news and views.

We are very excited to be so close to resuming our usual service. Passenger Transport will return stronger than ever with a mission to highlight the vital role that passenger transport plays in our communities and our analysis of where the industry goes in the changed world that will emerge from this crisis.

It’s good to be back!