• Magazine will be temporarily suspended, but we will be online
  • Subscribers will see their subscriptions extended accordingly
  • We will return in a strong position

At this difficult time our thoughts are with our friends and colleagues across the UK and around the world. We are especially mindful of the hugely important efforts that front line staff and managers in the transport sector have made in recent weeks. We salute you.

The response to this global pandemic has presented businesses and organisations with challenges that no-one ever expected to face, and it’s no different for us here at Passenger Transport.

We’ve therefore reluctantly decided that we should suspend publication of Passenger Transport magazine for a period of up to three months. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that the magazine is in a healthy position to continue providing its service when the recovery begins. We will keep this situation under close review.

This is a business suspension, but not a complete editorial suspension. We will continue to bring news to you via our website ( and social media. Our dedicated editorial team will continue to post articles on a purely voluntary basis in their own time. We still want to hear from you so please call us on 020 3950 8000 and email us at editorial@

We are very proud of what Passenger Transport has achieved since we launched it nine years ago. We are enormously grateful to the loyal subscribers who have made this possible. You will still receive the service you have paid for – we will extend everybody’s subscription by the number of issues which are not published. Any new or renewed subscriptions will be held in suspension until publication is resumed and card payments will not be taken until then.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support. We absolutely cannot wait to resume our usual service. We will return stronger than ever with a mission to highlight the vital role that passenger transport plays in our communities and our analysis of where the industry goes in the changed society that will undoubtedly emerge from this crisis.