The Joe Wood Scheduler of the Year Award,
sponsored by CitySwift

Schedulers play a vital role in the UK bus industry, but they rarely get the recognition they deserve. That’s why Passenger Transport has teamed up with CitySwift, the data-driven bus scheduling and business intelligence platform, to launch a new award for 2020 – The Joe Wood Scheduler of the Year.

As well as seeking to raise awareness of the important work that is done by schedulers, and celebrate leaders in the field, the award is a tribute to Joe Wood, a widely respected young bus manager who died last year.

“Since CitySwift’s launch, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing schedulers across the UK and Ireland,” said CitySwift COO Alan Farrelly. “This experience has made us realise that schedulers are often the unsung heroes of each depot. The complexity of the job can lead to colleagues not fully understanding the hugely important role that schedulers play in the efficient operation of their bus networks.

“Schedulers help decide how our cities move. They are responsible for the reliability and growth of bus services and ultimately have a huge impact on the profitability of businesses that turn over millions of pounds.”


Joe Wood

With a lifelong connection to buses thanks to being brought up alongside the family business, Metrobus of Orpington, Joe Wood (pictured above) began driving buses at Stagecoach London in 2012. He went on to work in scheduling roles for Go-Ahead London, Stagecoach London and Reading Buses.

He was network planning manager at Reading Buses when he was recruited by fast-expanding CitySwift as their commercial and integration director for the UK in early 2019. But he died in April after suffering a heart attack.

In October, his contribution to the industry was recognised at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s Annual Awards for Excellence in London. Wood posthumously received the President’s Award.

Commenting on the impact made by his former colleague, Farrelly said: “Joe was one of the brightest rising stars of the UK bus industry. His passion and knowledge were obvious to everybody he met, and his potential was limitless.

“Joe showed us all what can be achieved through great scheduling, and we are delighted to launch this award in his honour.”


Enter the competition – and join us in Galway!

Nominations are now open for The Joe Wood Scheduler of the Year Award 2020. The deadline for entries is February 7. The entries will be judged by an expert panel of judges. Finalists will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Galway, Ireland, for the award ceremony in March.

Judging Criteria for the Joe Wood Scheduler of the Year Award 2020:

Entries should be submitted in the following format:

A. Case study of a new schedule (max 100 words).

  1. How did the scheduler approach the project?
  2. How did they overcome any known problems/difficulties with the schedule or route.
  3. How did they increase patronage, reliability and efficiency (and by how much)?

B: Innovation in scheduling (max 100 words).

  1. How does the scheduler’s methodology differ from standard scheduling practices?
  2. How do they combine ‘traditional’ scheduling skills and knowledge with ‘modern’ technology?
  3. How do they make use of internal/external data sources?

C: Contribution to the wider business (max 100 words).

  1. How does the scheduler work with and influence other stakeholders (operations, trade unions etc)?
  2. What impact do they have on the wider business?
  3. Are they capable of mentoring and training the next generation of scheduler?

D: Why does the scheduler deserve to be Scheduler of the Year? (max 50 words)


Contact details

Email your entries to us at editorial [at] – no later than February 7!

For enquiries, email the same address or call 020 3950 8000.